About the Costa Rica Team



The Costa Rica Team has extensive Sales and Marketing experience in both investment and end user properties. We use proactive marketing, planning, and implementation techniques complemented a comprehensive sales distribution network. In doing so, we set ourselves apart from the competition. Having true experts to assist navigation through this process is essential to the success of any project.

The Costa Rica Team can help to identify the optimal potential of your project while positioning you before the best demographic audience. The Costa Rica Team will use existing tools and resources to streamline this process and assist you in meeting your goals in a timely fashion.

Please call for an appointment with our director to explore possibilities for all of your marketing needs.

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Project Management

The Costa Rica Team requires a re-assessment of each project's positioning, pricing, costs to complete, and costs to carry. The appropriate exit/completion strategy is often a balancing act between the ideal actions and investment required to maximize returns over time, and those which are feasible given financial constraints of the project sponsor or lender. The Costa Rica Team principals overlay time-horizon, capital/liquidity constraints, and return objectives onto specific market factors in crafting recommendations for each situation. What makes The Costa Rica Team unique is the ability, in-house expertise, and resources to implement big picture solutions in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

The Costa Rica Team Consulting can be engaged to perform all services under a global arrangement, or may be engaged to perform selected services on a case-by-case basis. The fee structure is a combination of monthly retainer fees for advisory general management and administrative services, near term incentive fees for specific tasks such as business planning and restructuring, financing, or real estate sales, and long term incentive fees for creating value for property and project owners and lenders.

The fee structure is a combination of the following components:

  • Monthly retainer fees for advisory
  • General management and administrative services
  • Near term incentive fees for specific tasks such as business planning and restructuring, financing, or real estate sales
  • Long term incentive fees for creating value for property and project owners and lenders


Review of asset positioning, local market conditions, salability, competition budgets, short and intermediate term cash needs, along with highest and best use options.


Strategic recommendations are provided for disposition and/or hold alternatives with financial projections. Scenario analysis which includes opportunities while maximizing asset value.


Execution of exit strategy and⁄or hold implementation. Utilization of in-house resources for sales and marketing, legal, financial, and operational requirements (implementation team structure to manage and dispose of asset at minimal cost as efficiently and quickly as possible.)

Asset Disposition
  • Auction/Bulk Sales
  • Construction Completion
  • Reposition & Hold
  • Cost Cutting & Unit Sales
Planning and Design

CRT Consulting identifies practical strategies to plan and develop land while protecting the environment and promoting vibrant, livable communities and productive, sustainable sites. Our projects are based on sound technical review and analysis crafted by our experienced teams of planners, economists, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and scientists.

  1. Environmental analysis and land use suitability
  2. Development strategies
  3. Master planning
  4. Site planning
  5. Infrastructure planning
  6. Alternative plan profit analysis
  7. Code research and compliance
  8. Entitlements procurement
  9. Design Guidelines
  10. Illustrative renderings and graphic design
  11. Computer visualization

Project Area

Master Plan

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